We always try to improve our website and our course app. Therefore you will get our latest updates here! If you have any comments, then don't hesistate to write us. 


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  • Our category "Angenommene Mappen" is updated. 
  • Our students come from all over the world. We have reached 20 different nations. 
  • Update of the website


  • Many Students this year already achieved to become a student at their favourite university. But still some applications are ongoing.
  • Our category "Angenommene Mappen" is updated. 
  • We introduced a new system of small workshops for learning theory for our students, which is accepted really well. 


  • Every student will have 1 TB Cloud space for their own works
  • MS OFFICE is now integrated web based
  • An Exchange Email Address (you can synchronize it with your calendar)
  • We professionalized the education with planner


  • Team work is now a bigger part in our online education.
  • BLOG Article: How is the situation now in Germany due to Corona
  • Winter course will start soon.
  • Due to the response, we will have an afternoon class, if at least 4 people will sign up.


  • We updated a lot of things on the website
  • Better FAQ (German)
  • Our Teams is bigger now: Ms Kuang will support Atelier H2o with all questions related to Germany/ China
  • The Masterclass will end in November 2020. After this time there will only be a Portfolio course for everyone
  • You can now contact us directly with whatsapp


  • We congratulate the Students Zsasha, Ziyi and Fuki for getting accepted in Halle (Painting), Münster (VK) and Munich
  • Updated the website information


  • Fixed German Mappenkurs Online site
  • New online content "Portfolio examples"
  • You can participate now in Skype as well
  • Added "Discussions" to the Portfolio Course


  • Fixed German Mappenkurs Online site
  • Atelier H2o is featured  on www.artconnect.com 
  • We got Material from Hfk Bremen and Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach. 


  • Fixed German Mappenkurs Online site
  • Fixed structure of Meisterklasse Online
  • We got Material from the Alanus Art Academy. We will provide you with these informations soon.
  • New online content "Typography"
  • You can find us now on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/atelierh2o/?hl=de


  • Videochat is now possible with subtitles
  • KH Weißensee Mappe 2020 "Bildhauerei" uploaded


  • Fixed spelling mistakes 
  • Updated our "How to study in Germany" Guide 
  • You can find us now on precore.net
  • New content for our app: >Universityguide<
  • Improved the German website
  • You can find us now on https://precore.net/mappenkurse/atelier-h2o-online


  • We added 日本語 for japanese speaking persons
  • Fixed english speaking translation 
  • You can find us on berlin report / studying in germany
  • New content for our app: >How to draw for beginners<
  • Fixed some 日本語 descriptions


  • We added Korean and Chinese as languages
  • We corrected different mistakes in the course descriptions
  • Fixed some broken links
  • We created new beginner content: >Learn how to draw different materials<
  •  In our app every course now have a website for the latest updates

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