Kunstschule H2o offers paid counseling for those who are planning to go to Germany and to prepare to study at a German Art University.

Everyone has a different  background and is currently enrolled in a high school, college or  working.

To study art or design in a foreign country might be a big step, but with our help we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

We provide our counseling for those who  want to study fine art or design in Germany.


You want to study art or design in a foreign country? You are not sure about the right choice? We can give you a guidance for your future decision. If you want to study art or design in Germany then we can supply you with all the necessesary information for your future stay in Germany. 

We will ask you about your current situation and give you a more personal counseling.



・ What can be learned at a German art university?

・ Explanation of the German art university degree system

・ About living in Germany and studying German

・ I want advices about my current work and how to develop further

・ How other international students live in Germany

・ Is it possible to pass in the future without art experience at the present time?

・ What are the advantages of doing art in Germany?

・ What kind of career do you have after graduation?

・ Which major is better when considering an employment?

・ I am at a loss between painting and design, what is the difference?

Counseling to study Art or Design in Germany

After you applied for the counseling, we need some information for the research. 

Therefore, fill out the form that you will receive.

After that we will reply in 3-4 days.

Counseling to apply german art universities

35,00 €

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