Summer course starts from the 04.07.2022

Depending on your residence, it is not always possible to attend an art portfolio course and to prepare accordingly for an entrance exam for a German university. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to make your portfolio from wherever you are. Learn from professional artists, who studied art or design in Germany.

Our online portfolio course works like a normal portfolio course. You will receive a personal mentor with whom you stay in contact from Monday to Thursday. You improve your portfolio step by step and receive feedback on each of your work. 

Through our app you can store your work online at any time. You always get feedback at the given times, which does not mean that you must be online during the course times. So, you can easily integrate the course into your everyday life and work whenever you can be creative. No matter where you are in the world, flexible work is possible.

Suitable for the following study programs

Is your degree program not listed?

That can happen - talk to us and we can tell you if you can prepare ONLINE

Fine Art



Mixed Media Art

Interior Design

Art Education

Costume and Stagedesign


Media Art


Visual communication

Illustration and book design

Fashion design

Textile and surface design

Product and industrial design


Landscape architecture


Top reasons to prepare with us

Anywhere, Anytime

Working and participating is possible from anywhere, anytime in the world.


Simply stay in touch via app, browser or program.

individual support

Get support in your personal development.

What do I need?

Portfolio course


There is the possibility for a group video conference, if most of the students are in the same timezone. If not, you can easily leave a video message in the chat. 

  1. In the first week you will get an introduction into the course software and structure.
  2. After that you will start with your first exercises. There is a group chat for every student and a personal chat with your personal teacher.
  3. During the week you will discuss your artworks in the personal chat. At the end of the week you have to show your work in the group chat.
  4. Step by Step you will improve your artwork and build your portfolio.
  5. We will talk about the application process to an art university in Germany.

The biggest enemy when working at home is you yourself. To keep the discipline, there is a theoretical instruction every day, as well as feedback on the ongoing work. The course starts for everyone at the same time. The access data can be obtained upon registration.